In Volcania, the trocks are hostile to the Green World, but the Crown Prince Grizzlebetter loves plants and animals. The shaman Toramat wants the trocks to rise to power again. Toramat wakens the Volcano to destroy all organic creatures in the name of the ancestor Eah. Grizzlebetter must save the animals and Queen Grimalda - restore the peace. These are hard tasks on the eve of the Rockthrowing Tournament. The trocks, intoxicated by the Volcano, start an orgy of destruction. Toramat dethrones the Queen and installs the younger prince, Grouf. The animals are saved, but Grizzlebetter is in trouble. Covered by doubts, Grouf meets the awakened from the depths ancestor Eah. Eah reveals that the trocks, the Earth and the Green World are one balanced system. After a series of mishaps the powers of good restore the world’s balance. For now...

Genre: Fantasy Adventure

Length: 90 min

Target audience: children, 6-10, family

Budget: €2000000

Grizzlebetter Raaf Movie